Excavation is a crucial first step in the construction process, as it involves the removal of soil, rock, and other materials from a site to prepare the foundation for a new structure. The type of excavation required can vary greatly depending on the specific construction project, the terrain, and the condition of the site.

No matter the scale, excavation work is always a delicate and potentially dangerous process that requires careful planning, the use of specialized heavy equipment, and the expertise of experienced construction crews.

Proper excavation is essential to ensure the stability and safety of the final structure. In this blog, let’s understand the basics of different types of constructions.

Different Types of Construction

Since the excavation work depends on various factors, it’s essential to understand different types of constructions. Keep reading to learn more:

Site InspectionA professional Earthworks Campbelltown team will inspect the construction site to carry out the process safely. They inspect the soil and determine the equipment that can be used as per the site’s requirements. During this inspection procedure, the excavation team will make plans to avoid certain hazards.

Draining Water From the SiteA construction site can be damaged because of water during the excavation process. That’s the reason why draining water from the site is essential. Once the professional excavation team makes plans, they will work on draining the water as a site preparation method. They will arrange the required tools for storm drains or set up trenches.

Dredging MethodIf the excavation site is near the waterways, Civil Scope Earthworks’ professional team will follow the dredging method to remove underwater debris by following several steps. The professionals use rivers, canals, or other water passages to remove debris that blocks the flow of water.

Basement ExcavationIf an individual wants a basement for the residential building, the excavation team follows a special method to construct the basement by removing soil layer by layer. In that case, they use specially designed heavy machines to systematically remove soil. Since a large part of the soil will be excavated, they will inspect the area carefully.

Cutting & FillingCutting & filling is another crucial type of excavation for building construction. The professional excavation team will remove a large plot for constructing the building.

Borrow ExcavationWhen professional excavators re-sui the excavated soil from a particular area, it’s called borrow excavation. The excavators implement the method to level the ground before making commercial or residential construction.

Channel ExcavationChannel excavation is pretty related to the dredging method. When a channel is blocked, the excavators will remove debris to improve the water flow. They often use specially designed tools to conduct channel excavation.


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