Asbestos is a toxic material that has been linked to a number of serious health conditions. Asbestos is a mineral composed of tiny fibres that are extremely resistant to heat and chemicals. It was a popular building material from the 1940s well into the 1980s because of these insulation properties. One of the most well-known structures that contains asbestos is the iconic “fibro” cottage, which is mostly made up of asbestos cement sheeting. It can also be found in other parts of a building including in:

Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos has been identified as a known carcinogen. It can cause a range of respiratory conditions, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. When you cut or sand asbestos, its fine fibres are released into the air and inhaling these fibres is when problems occur. Therefore, if you’re renovating an older property, especially one that was built before 1988, it’s important that you have a professional inspection. Identifying asbestos from sight alone is next to impossible unless you have the proper knowledge, training, and experience with handling this dangerous mineral. This is why you should seek the assistance of a licensed asbestos removalist.

Finding An Asbestos Removal Service

There are two types of types of licence an asbestos removalist can have. An unrestricted licence permits the removal all types of asbestos while a restricted licence allows only the removal of non-friable asbestos.

When signing up for asbestos removal services, make sure that you ask about what licence your contractor holds. This way, you can verify that they have the necessary skills and you can be sure that they can perform the required job.

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