Know Your Shape & Size

Excavating a new pool is a big decision but also an exciting one. Before you call in an earthmoving company, you should do some research and plan exactly where the best spot for your pool is. The right location can make use of the sun in the warmer months and reduce your maintenance in cooler months.

You will also have to decide whether you want the pool close to your house on in a separate recreation area.  Smaller pools will work well close to your house but can also bring unwanted noise. If you are thinking about a larger pool, you could consider creating a themed location or a decked area, perfect for entertaining. Pools also come in all different shapes including rectangular, L shaped, geometric, figure 8, oval, circular and free form.

Natural Surroundings Matter

We have excavated a number of pools in Campbelltown, and know that choosing an open area is good idea. Otherwise, you could be spending a lot of time clearing leaves and other debris from your beautiful new pool! Remember, you can always plant some shrubs and small trees around your pool once construction is complete.

Another mistake we often see is pools being built on low ground. This can lead to flooding during periods of heavy rain. Lastly, know what lurks beneath! Building a pool over underground pipes and electric cables can be a VERY costly mistake.

Call Your Local Excavation Company in Campbelltown

When you’re building a new pool, you want a professional pool excavation company. Civil Scope Earthworks have been in the earthmoving business for over 25 years so you can be confident our work is of the highest professional standard. If you need advice or a free quote on excavating a swimming pool contact Civil Scope Earthworks today. We are one of the leading pool excavation companies in Campbelltown.