Bushfires can be an uncontrollable disaster, so it’s important to fortify your home and plan countermeasures that will reduce the chances of a bushfire damaging, or destroying, your property. With the launch of our new bushfire hazard reduction service, we thought we’d take a look at the issue of bushfire prevention. Here are some basic tips on how to protect your home from a bushfire.

1. Clean your gutters regularly. Leaves and twigs can dry out and become highly flammable. If possible, install metal gutter guards to help prevent a fire from penetrating.

2. Replace any missing tiles on your roof and repair damage. For your windows and doors, you should also install fine metal mesh screens on them.

3. Fit seals around your doors and windows to get rid of gaps, and make sure you also enclose gaps under your house.

4. Attach fire sprinkler systems on your gutters and have water hoses that are long enough to reach around your home.

5. If you have a pool, tanks, or any usable water that can be used by firefighters, place a static water sign at your home’s entrance to notify them.

Fire and Rescue NSW Recommendations

1. Regularly mow the grass around your home.

2. If you use LPG cylinders, make sure that the pressure valve is facing outwards so that the flame is not pointing at your home.

3. Relocate any flammable material such as woodpiles, boxes, crates, or wooden furniture, and store them in a shed far from your home.

4. Plant trees and shrubs with low oil content, so they don’t ignite when in contact with fire.

5. If there is a fire hydrant outside your home, then you should make use of it by providing a clear path to your home.

Our Bushfire Reduction Service 

Our hydraulic mulcher reduces saplings, shrubs and trees into mulched material which can then be used for environmental maintenance such as creating fire lanes. Community discounts are available so get in touch with us today for a free quote.